Welcome to our broadband speed test

This free Broadband Speed Test for Sidebars is made available by the fine folks over at AuditMyPC.com This is an example of an ad stacked on the bottom of the speed test with a border around both. This text and that below is just filler. Do you have a great Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Are you really getting the speed you're paying for? This utility measures bandwidth, be it from a DSL connection, cable modem or even dial-up! Ever feel that your internet connection is slow and unresponsive? Perhaps it is and the best way to check is by running multiple tests. Armed with the test results from multiple days, you can then contact your internet service provider and argue that bandwidth is not what you're paying for. Perhaps it's a bad line or a old router? knowing there is a problem is half the battle to obtaining the bandwidth you paid for.


* If the start button doesn’t show or you receive a maintenance mode message, you need to download the latest version of the Broadband Speed Test.